Recent Shoplifting Offenders

These persons were arrested and/or issued a summons for shoplifting offenses during the month of October 2016.  The date of the offense and location by street and block number are listed below each offender's name.  Please note that a criminal charge does not mean that the individual charged was found guilty of a crime. Each individual's case must go through the court system to determine guilt or innocence.

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 Bowyer Sherry Lynn Bowyer 10/12/16 5000 Rutgers Street NW
 Boyd Jason Aaron Boyd 10/12/16 4700 Valley View Boulevard NW
 Cabbler Joe Ann Cabbler 10/17/16 5000 Rutgers Street NW
 Campbell Christopher Creed Campbell 10/20/16 4100 Melrose Avenue NW
 Davis Alvin Leonard Davis 10/17/16 4700 Valley View Boulevard NW
 Doyle Casey Nicole Doyle 10/25/16 4800 Valley View Boulevard NW
 Geer Teresa Sue Geer 10/6/16 4200 Franklin Road SW
 Graham, Amanda Amanda Lee Graham 10/14/16 3600 Franklin Road SW
 Graham James Bradley Graham 10/8/16 2100 Bennington Street SE
 Grubbs Ryan Lee Grubbs 10/24/16 4800 Valley View Boulevard NW
 Holdren Maxwell Lee Holdren 10/13/16 600 Brandon Avenue SW
 Holmes Cheyenne Marie Holmes 10/1/16 4800 Valley View Boulevard NW
 Huffman Tasha Ann Huffman 10/5/16 1400 Grandin Road SW
 Kysor Tanya Michelle Kysor 10/816 2100 Crystal Spring Boulevard SW
 Lawson Rickey Allen Lawson 10/3/16 4700 Valley View Boulevard NW
 Manetta Timothy James Manetta 10/15/16 4800 Valley View Boulevard NW
 Mason Joanie Leigh Mason 10/29/16 4800 Valley View Boulevard NW
 Poulin Jean Luc Poulin 10/23/16 5000 Rutgers Street NW
 Price  Eric Aurelio Price  10/3/16  4800 Valley View Boulevard NW
 Provenzano  Joseph Charles Provenzano  10/22/16  1400 Williamson Road NE
 Seebeck  Shayna Marie Seebeck 10/14/16   4200 Franklin Road SW
 Tinsley  Matthew Christian Tinsley  10/10/16  2300 Orange Avenue NE
 Vest  Taylor Mackinzee Vest  10/8/16  4200 Franklin Road SW
 Weisman  Emily Lynn Weisman  10/4/16  600 Brandon Avenue SW
 Wilcher  Lewis Edward Wilcher  10/25/16  4800 Valley View Boulevard NW
Not pictured:
Date Name Location
10/31/16 Rolissha Annik Brown 5000 Rutgers Street NW
10/7/16 Hannah Morgan Craddock 4800 Valley View Boulevard NW
10/24/16 Corey Cortez Epps 4800 Valley View Boulevard NW
10/4/16 Gary Loran Hale 4800 Valley View Boulevard NW
10/25/16 Vanessa Childress Hassane 5000 Rutgers Street NW
10/27/16 Iftikhar Hussain 5000 Rutgers Street NW
10/4/16 Shatoya Irving 5000 Rutgers Street NW
10/22/16 Deseree Ondren'a Kasey 4800 Valley View Boulevard NW
10/14/16 Quaid McGeorge 3500 Ferncliff Avenue NW
10/31/16 Brittany Renee Noble 5000 Rutgers Street NW
10/18/16 Kelly McGinnis Phoenix 4200 Franklin Road SW
10/30/16 Louise Antionette Preston 4200 Franklin Road SW
10/31/16 Andrew Lewis Reid 2100 Dale Avenue SE
10/8/16 Margaret Maria Rivera  4800 Valley View Boulevard NW
10/16/16 Nosilla Margurette Rucker 2200 Garden City Boulevard SE
10/31/16 Tracy Lynn Seawell 2100 Dale Avenue SE
10/31/16 Jennifer Ann Wright 5000 Rutgers Street NW